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Thank you so much for placing your order and encouraging us to give more & do more. Your e-Certificate will be shared within 10 days after the payment is processed. Rest assured, your e-Certificate will certainly be shared in the given duration. If you have any questions or inquiries, please contact through WhatsApp on +917020410671.

Meanwhile check out our other interesting courses and follow us on social media to receive regular updates. We promise to arrange more interesting courses in near future.

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About us

The Psychomagic Institute offers Coaching, Counselling & Training services to Individuals and Corporates. It is home for educational, development courses & 1:1 Sessions based on different kinds of Psychology, Alternate, Occult and Parapsychological therapies.

Here's the list of courses we have conducted, you can still order e-Certificate for  

Kinesics, Skills & Ethics in Counseling
Therapeutic Journaling
Colour Therapy
Counselling through Storytelling
Positive Psychology
Cognitive Psychology

Indian Psychology

Health Psychology
Psychology of Loneliness
Effects of Social Media
Grief Therapy
Viktor Frankl's Logo Therapy
MA Psychology - Online classes for 1st Year students

If you want to work with us, collaborate with us, please contact through WhatsApp +917020410671.

We would love to do business with you.

More interesting courses coming up... so stay connected with us.

The Psychomagic Institute
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